Photo of the day

I might start a photo of the day...type thing. Maybe I could even include a tip of the day, for all those moms and dads who want to be better photographers. Give me some time to think about this though. Perhaps I'll dedicate another blog to such madness. I could include some tips and tricks that I have learned in my photographic journey! Well for now, here is Karah and I playing Super Man! Well, I am not really in the picture, just my ever so chubby feet, thanks Aunt Shirlee!!!


  1. I was just wondering what camera you use????

  2. Chubby feet?! I wish I was ever so chubby lovey!! This is priceless. I am ready for you to impart yoru wisdom with some splendid shots of the day... I will attempt to wait patiently whilst you ponder it all!!