For Fun

So my sister just moved into this great house in a perfect neighborhood and on one small wall she has this wallpaper that is all old fashioned. And I am dying because it is all the rage in photography to add these designs as backgrounds in Photoshop, people are loving this stuff. And there she has it right on her wall and I love it, and she hates it. I plead with her "no, don't tear it out, it is all the rage in photography". I think this photography stuff is consuming me, what do you think?

So here are my beautiful nieces...

As much as a liked the wall, I blew it out in this shot because I think it was just distracting from the simplicity of these lashes. I guess it's not the rage, afterall.


Summer Time

SCHOOL'S OUT!!! Get out your flip flops, sunscreen, and bring on the watermelon. I am soooo excited that school is out.


Hide n' Seek


I love these next two. I upped the contrast and colors going for a kinda retro look.

And these blue eyes and that smile....ahhh, summer is here!


Just some fun snap shots of my youngest Rob, playing with my mom. I just treasure these moments and I am sure they do/will too!


Here is a sneak peek for the Mom and Dad, from my recent session. Which one do you think would be nice for a baby announcement?

My weekend

Well actually these are some photos from last weekend, but I'm tellin' ya...this is a regular weekend when you have boys!

Jake caught this snake and well, he looked so hungry. So Brock caught this lizard and well...that's the end of that story!


Here he is...

My sister delivered a healthy baby boy last Saturday and he is so precious. His skin is perfect and his little features, oh breathtaking! I keep wanting to take a picture of a baby on a platter of food, because only one word comes to my mind, scrumptious! But here are a few shots I grabbed while visiting in the hospital. Congratulations!

Baby Bryce

I know it is mean but I can't help it, Oh I love this sad face!

He is so cute, and that beautiful baby hair, don't cut it!



I'm a wee bit tired. I awoke at 2am yesterday to some scarey news regarding my sister who is a week overdue with her pregnancy. Everything turned out fine and she delivered a healthy baby boy, but it was a bit of a whirlwind. I just can't help it, I keep thinking about what a gift it is to be a mother and how I must work harder every day to be better at it...childhood is fleeting! Here are a few shots from a recent wedding, and I'll post a picture of my nephew as soon as I can get my hands on him (or at least my lens in front of him.)



Can you imagine being the only guy in this family of beauties?