I am about to get sappy, so hold on! I had the most wonderful time last week at this family beach session. Why so sappy? I just love these people. I met mom almost a year ago, at a Mommy and Me Beach Photo Shoot as seen HERE. She is actually pictured at the very top of my blog in black with her daughter in pink. We reunited for their family shoot at the beach, near their home in LaJolla. Sadly, they are moving away, right when I am getting to know them. Mom and Dad are two of the kindest, dear people I have come across. They are real, natural, organic, tender, sweet people. It was easy to see their nature as they interacted with their two small children. It was a defining moment for me, as we wrapped up the shoot, walking back to our cars. I suppose knowing they were on to a new chapter in their lives, was touching. But I really wanted to hug them as we said our goodbyes. So yes, that was sappy and defining for me. I mean, who wants to hug someone they barely know? I withheld the urge...but I realized something. I love people and photographing them is one of my passions!
P.S. Watch out, next time I might hug you!!!

Good luck on the journey ahead.... but you won't need it.... you are already lucky! I withheld my temptation to post 100 pictures, but hahaha, even better, I made a slideshow of them! click HERE to enjoy...


Can't Pick

Okay, so these photos have been burning a whole in my computer, so to speak. I often find the hardest part of my job is picking my favorite photos to share on the blog. So I revisit them time and time again....giving some the boot and reclaiming some from the dead....uh...I don't know? Can someone stop by my house everyweek and tell me which pictures are their favorites? I have been looking at these too long, trying to wind down the selection to 5 or 10 at the most. I CAN"T DO IT!!! I have several other sessions from this week waiting to be blogged....so this is it! Here are a whopping 22 photographs. Sorry...if it takes forever to load!!!

I realize you've heard enough from me already and just want to get straight to seeing a few...(cough...million) photographs. But just in case anyone is reading my ramblings...I must share a little about Joe and Kelly. Oh Joe and Kelly, how excited I am for their August Wedding. They were a pleasure to work with.... for some reason, Joe didn't seem uncomfortable making out with his future wife for an hour or two. Hmmmm... perhaps it is because she is beautiful. But perhaps it is because she is so kind and caring, a beautiful person, inside and out. Joe joked that his reasoning for the wedding being in August, is so that he could snatch her quick, before she realized she was way out of his league. He really scored, Kelly is fabulous!

So what kind of guy snatches a catch like Kelly, lemme tell ya'!!!
Joe Jones
Funny, I have actually known Joe since I was 15 years old or so...which...ouch...made him like uhhhhh.......7! Oh my!!! He has grown up to be an outstanding young man. He treats Kelly with the utmost respect, heck, he looks at Kelly, with the utmost respect. He is a true gentleman.

In fact, this couple met at a function where they were advocating family values. Sounds like a good start to a marriage to me!!!

Okay, here are 4 of practically the same picture....but I LOVED this series...and just couldn't pick my favorite!

Next we headed downtown for some fun!

Some stunning bling!

Kelly has the most beautiful eyes!

This couple is so cute together and you can really feel their connection in these next photographs.

This next one is in my top 5 from the session.

The next one is my proof that we have fun at my sessions!

And once again, my decision making skills have failed me.... so here is the black and white and a similar color photograph that I love!

I am really excited for this wedding. Not only because I got to know the couple really well throughout the engagement session, but because they are so natural together, a breeze to photograph! Can't wait!!! Congratulations.........


Excuse me while I vomit!

Am I going to vomit because it is Father's Day....no! I love Father's Day. My dad is in Hawaii, so I imagine he is having the best Father's Day. But what can I do for Jake to show him what an amazing father he is??? Well we have a few things in the works... but it seems nothing compares to a public display of oogly-googly-squishy-squashy outpouring of bias, blubbering, babbling ..... of his all time greatness in a blog post! I mean, this is the contemporary standard. He could care less about my blog ramblings, so hopefully he won't find this .... and all will go unnoticed at my house! But at least I know I will have done my part to ensure the vomiting of a few more people while I display this outpouring of my deepest (hahaha... a blog is the place for that) love!!!

Enjoying an ice cream with Rob and Karah...

His usually position...

Baseball with the boys!

Grabbing Karah's hand for a train ride at the beach...

A game of football with the boys...

Rob clinging on to Jake's leg...

He always  makes time for some basketball with the boys...

But not to be outdone, by the amount of time spent in the rocking chair...

A stroll at the beach with our baby...

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads in this world who recognize the value of family... and who live their lives caring for others!  I know you're not reading, but I love you babe!


Joe and Kelly

Just a teaser....from my last session!


Shelf Reliance

Shelf Reliance is giving away a free food storage shelf, it is the most amazing thing.  With a large family, it would be a real treat to win.  You can check it out by clicking HERE.


Who cares what you're wearing?

Mommy had three boys before her princess came along. So this little girl has no shortage of beautiful dresses, pretty flowers and bows, accessories galore! But "who cares what you're wearing.....it's what you wear from ear to ear to ear, and not from head to toe....THAT MA-A-A-TTERS!" And this angel is always wearing a smile, what a fun morning we had!!! 

Does that taste good?

Happy Girl!

Pretty Girl!

This next one is so sweet...

How cute is this face?


She barely stood for a few seconds, but she wasn't scared at all, all smiles from the happy girl.

She seriously squeals with delight once you get her going...love it!

I had to throw in this last one....because I could just nibble on those cheeks and that baby double chin forever....so stinkin' cute!

I am sure you recognized the location on this session from my previous posts.  Hey, those purple flowers only last for so long, I had to get my fill!

Hope you all are just as excited as me for the busy, crazy, sunshine, splish splash, summer fun!
Have a great week!!!