The Glasser Family

I had such a fun time... here are some favorites!

This was a special photo shoot for this family.  Grandma and Grandpa are getting ready for a move out of state and they will be dearly missed!

Gina, You have a beautiful family!

I love this next one.... I feel like you guys are on your honeymoon vacation somewhere tropical!

Hands down, my favorite!

Handsome Devils!

This last one tugs on my heartstrings... 


Preschool Pretties

Can I please do this everyday? I serisously would love to shoot preschools for a living! I did this last year and they hired me back, woohoo! I should think about marketing myself to local preschools! Alrighty, let's get to it...

The kiddos start their day by taking off their shoes, then they put them on for recess, then they take them off again, then they put them back on when it is time to go home..... WELL, I guess somebody is gonna be ready to tie their shoes when they go to Kindergarten!

I spent the first part of the morning taking traditional headshots of each child.  Later on, we headed outside for snack and recess.  I am only including pictures here in which the parent signed a model release (right mommas?)
You'll notice I am displaying them all in Black and White, I just think it speaks to the timeless wonderment of childhood!  Anyways, I'm gonna try and zip it, let the pictures speak for themselves...

Line up...

Check out that concentration!

Miss Heather explaining the art project of the day...

Later on, the kids played a song together with various instruments, it was sooooo cool!  They actually sounded great!

I spy a cute little guy...

Her is Miss M signing her name, time to head home.

I seriously had so much fun, soooo much!

After everyone headed home I grabbed a couple of Miss Heather with her baby girl, isn't she beautiful!

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!