Happy Birthday to me...

I am 30 years old and lovin' it. I can't wait to tell people when I am in public...no one would believe, woohoo! And that isn't because I look really fresh and young (cause hello sleep deprived wrinkled Erin)...but it is because despite blowing out candles and wishing to be taller for the last 30 birthdays, it just has never happened!
It was a fun day playing with the kids and Jake went way over the top on gifts for me...I feel spoiled rotten. And we enjoyed a nice suprise dinner with loved ones, thanks all so much! Then we hit up Best Buy and Jake bought himself (I mean...me) another stinkin' gift. I'm not bragging because I am sure half the people out there own one, but we finally got an iMac. If you ever told me I missing out, you were right! Plus all the pro-photographers out there own one, so I just had to jump on the bandwagon. And furthermore, our previous computer we bought in the year 2000.....that is like ancient in technological terms.
Okay, here are some pictures...(note, I finally fixed my roots)...well I didn't but my friend Kelly, who owns Tangles Salon in Canyon Crest did, thanks Kelly.
Me with my sweetheart, Karah.
Happy 30th to me...
Thanks to my other sweetheart for a wonderful weekend!
P.S. I never intended for anyone to see my scarey face this big, but I have it set up that way for my photography stuff. Sorry if you need laser eye surgery after viewing this post!


My Top 30!

I am 30 years old today. So I decided to make a list with my top 30 things….that is right, THINGS. I don’t want to call them goals, I don’t know if they are for this year, or for this life, nor are they in any particular order; but nonetheless they are my top 30!
1) love, love, love…………………
2) maintain a fitness/wellness routine
3) have family photographs taken by a professional
4) take all 4 of my kids to Disneyland
5) travel to Europe with my husband
6) plan/attend a Thompson Family Vacation
7) advertise erinTphotography (someday)
8) go to Women’s Conference next May
9) read a book (sad I have to put it on a list)
10) take a photography class
11) surprise my husband
12) organize my house
13) take new photos of my children & hang on wall
14) don’t volunteer for something (ha, ha, ha…)
15) sing Christmas carols at a nursing home
16) keep a journal
17) make display boxes for my kid’s art work
18) express my gratitude to my husband
19) watch my sister’s kids overnight
20) go on another family bike ride
21) finish my food storage/update 72 hr kits
22) cry more happy tears
23) climb up in our tree house
24) second shoot for a reputable photographer
25) hold each one of my kids while they sleep
26) host a party
27) go camping at the beach with lots of friends
28) plan a girl’s getaway with a childhood friend
29) do more projects with the family
30) attend the temple more often
Feel free to beg me to join you at the gym to help me accomplish my goal. Our peer pressure to host a party will work well, or perhaps come climb into our tree house with me. I am gonna need all the help I can get. Thanks to my friends who left me birthday wishes on Facebook. Very sweet! I am actually really excited about this new decade in my life. Not sure why people profess these things on their blogs, but crap, here I go. Good thing my husband doesn't read this....alright...I am so blessed with an amazing husband and 4 beautiful children. I feel blessed to have our immediate families live close enough by that we can enjoy eachother's lives. When I think about all the things I've accomplished at the age of 30, I am confused. It is amazing and profound (at least in my pea sized brain). Measuring my life by things accomplished is a waste of time. It is the experiences that I have had, whether accomplished or not, that make me who I am today. I don't feel that, "Ahhh, I am 30, I am getting old" attitude. Instead I feel like, "WooHoo, I am only 30, good because I still have so much I want to do" attitude.
So here is to being 30 years old!!!
Love, erinT


Families are Forever...and Fun!

This was my last shoot from 2008, on Christmas Eve in Palm Springs. This family was so excited to all be together, it was a special occasion. I must have used this line like 100 times, but, "I really had fun with this family." Some people take along time to warm up but not this gang. In fact, here is the first shot on my camera.
You would think that all the little kids were a handful, but it was the adults acting up, hehe...
And the women...shame on you!
No really, this family shares an amazing bond!
A tight bond...
I love Auntie playing with her niece...
And grandpa with his grandson...such a sweet moment.
I can never decide on B&W or color...
And Grandma with her newest grandbaby...
I love this fun family one...it is sooo casual, yet perfect.
The cousins having a blast together...memories they will never forget!
And these headshots...such beautiful young ladies. It was great talking with you both, and keep in touch.
I really did have fun with this bunch and it was great to catch up with each of your families. Happy New Year. Here's wishing you all the best in the many fun filled family years ahead!


Christmas Bells are Ringing...

Well, these count as Christmas Bells and Wedding Bells. I had such a pleasure getting a glimpse into the lives of Anthony and Monica. Their wedding took place at the beautiful OC Sailing and Events Center in Dana Point. My sister was actually married there last May and it is a great location. We first met atop the cliffs overlooking the beautiful harbor.
I love this picture of Monica...just gleaming as she peeks into the reception hall.
This picture was taken right before the ceremony was to take place. The sun was setting and Anthony and Monica were enjoying some quite moments together on the docks.
As the sun finally set, I was able to grab this photo which I LOVE. It just describes their nighttime beach Christmas Wedding...picturesque to say the least.
The girls headed to the ladies room, to do some final primping before the walk down the isle. This one of Monica's sister...as she fixes Monica's hair...well I just loved the details.
And fitting with the time of year, there were red details throughout, including the brides beautiful shoes.
I love this one of the little boy...he was so intense checking out the camera...getting ready for the bride and groom.
Monica's father walked her down the isle. This moment...when a father gives away his daughter...Anthony gave him the best hug ever!!! The respect...so sweet...this is when all the tears start flowing.
Another camera shot...I just love how camera happy people are at weddings!
The ceremony was amazing with Anthony's father as the minister. He was well spoken and heartfelt. Then Monica's dad also came up and shared a few words. As he became emotional, Anthony put his arm on his shoulder...
Husband and Wife...Anthony and Monica!
The reception was filled with beautiful music, delicous food and a wonderful slideshow.
I was honored to capture this special day in your lives, I met so many wonderful people, and could truly feel the love between the two of you. I wish you all the happiness in the journey ahead!

Happy Freakin' New Year

I had PLANS I tell ya'...BIG PLANS! I was gonna post my favorite pictures from 2008, some personal Christmas Family Photos, I was gonna take pictures of my new camera and sweet lenses that I got for Christmas....WooHoo!!! I was gonna kick the New Year off right with resolutions and goals, and happy thoughts. Instead I find myself in the midst of January, just getting back to the computer today. We enjoyed some wonderful Farrell Family Time in the mountains over Christmas...though the ice covered roads proved to be quite challenging. Then did a little cleaning around the house, though you'd never know it, getting ready for a get together at our house.
I should dedicate a blog post to Brock's Baptism, but I don't know if I'll ever get to it. But, I seriously have an 8 year old child...WHOA! And he was baptized on January 3rd, 2009. It was a great way to kick off the New Year. We had many family and friends over after a wonderful baptism at the church. While it was great to have so many friends and family to gather near...I think our house proved to be a bit too small for such a gathering. We all caught the stomach flu which put me out of commission the past couple days.
Finally, I just can't bring myself to post out of order...so I can't blog about 2009 until I finish my last two sessions from 2008. I have a wedding I'll post shortly, and then finally an extended family which I shot on Christmas Eve in Palm Springs...to wrap up 2008!
Hope you all had wonderful holidays!