A Better Start

Okay, so we got off on a better start to our day....Cheerios for breakfast. Well at least Rob did. This is the usual sight of Rob eating his breakfast. He used to pick up the bowl with his face and the Cheerios would dump all over his head, body, in his diaper, etc. He is getting better at it though. He tries patiently with the spoon each morning, but always resorts to this method.

Note below...that would be gum stuck to Rob's head and eye.....don't ask....I don't have the slightest!  I put him down to bed in his crib clean as a whistle and this is the child I find in the morning...anyone care to explain?

For today, I just want to encourage you to take pictures of your kids doing the most mundane daily activities.  They won't mind because you are not forcing them to sit still, look at the camera and smile.  They are enjoying their usual life, and you are preserving a slice of it!

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