You spin me right round baby...

Does anyone want to explain what happens to your equilibrium after childbirth?  I mean, am I the only one who use to be a roller coaster die hard with no fear of heights, and giggled with delight while riding the Disneyland tea cups over and over again.  Now I notice myself uneasy as I climb the ladder.  Or last week, I climbed up to our little treehouse (who knows why Jake put it 25-30ft up in the tree?) thinking about what would happen to my children if I fell and died!  And this past weekend, we hit up our local amusement park Castle Park where we had lots of fun with the Garrick cousins.  Now don't get me wrong, I still like a good roller coaster (though it seems to come with a headache) these days.  I can certainly handle the Merry-Go-Round.  But Bonnie and Kevin got in line with all the kids for some spinning cups ride and Jake and I practically went running the other way, NO THANK YOU!  I seriously think I would vomit!  So does anyone else have equilibrium issues after childbirth....please don't tell me it is just old age!!!

Karah loves horses, so it is no joke that we spent half the day on the Merry-Go-Round.

Rob loved the choo-choo, so we spent the other half the day on a train ride.

Aunt Bonnie is always a favorite with my kids...they both raced to hold her hand for a stroll through the park (above picture).  And pictured below, cute Rob, another ride on the Merry-Go-Round.

I did steal a little time away from the babies to ride a little roller coaster with Nate.  I was sitting next to him, so this is a little blurry, but as you can see, he was having a blast!

"That was fun!"

One last ride before we raced home to watch the Laker game!


  1. Whoa!! The memories... thanks for the flashback... oh and both Paul and I have developed unnatural fears... but more towards the fear for safety. Since we dont leave our little town often, we do tend to take Dramamine when we go on road trips (thats 30 mins or more)... CRAP-- we're old!

  2. Uh, ya... You know how I feel about roller coasters... No thank you!

  3. Uh, ya... You know how I feel about roller coasters... No thanks!

  4. Nate on the coaster is the best! I love those action shots!!!!