Jacaranda Tree

A quick photo of the day! We are enjoying our Jacaranda trees.....though it is always short lived. In many parts of the world, such as Mexico, Zimbabwe and Los Angeles, the blooming of this tree is welcomed as a sign of spring. Jacaranda can be found throughout much of Southern California, where they were imported by the horticulturalist Kate Sessions. That of course, is general knowledge I carry in my brain and not plagiarism from Wikipedia! I am told I must use LOL now, or people won't know I am joking! Well the purple flowers are creating a beautiful carpet for Karah to dance, run, jump, and play on.

I myself, must be getting old!  I'd rather just lay on the ground looking up at the few blooms that are still left blowing in the breeze.

I don't have any spectacular photographic words of wisdom, other than to always look at things from a different angle.  Only then, can we see the beauty of it all!

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  1. when i was a kid, i loved these trees so much that i vowed to name my first born daughter, Jacaranda August, Jacki for short. Anna is glad i grew out of the name, but not the love of the beautiful trees. great pics!