Dancing Queen!

This is the Dobbert Family! I am only gonna include a handful of pictures because it is so worth it to watch the SLIDESHOW! We had a blast dancin' in our tutus! Each one of their beautiful kids are full of personality...we had so much fun!!!

I heart this first shot! You can feel their love for eachother!

Paul and Kelly are thee cutest couple...EVER!

I about died when I saw this through my lens... I knew it was going to be magic!

Kelly made all these amazing tutus and it added the perfect spunk to their photo shoot, to match their spunky personalities... loved it!

Mother Daughter Moments!

Silly dad as usual... making everyone laugh!

Such a beautiful family, I am thankful to know them and call them friends!

This was just a quickie shot, that I caught as we wrapped up. I love the organic feel of it, the natural element of a family, priceless!

That's all folks, so hope you clicked the link above and watched the slideshow!


You are the Best Thing!

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