Just thought I'd share a little Christmas around our house...


Oops, I just remembered I never mailed out my Christmas Cards.... dag-nab-it!


Baby Skin

Lately I've been wishing for baby skin... isn't it beautiful! This little guy is out of control with these cheeks. Mom and Dad did a bang up job with the cutest nursery ever... I LOVE it, congratulations!

Then we headed outside for a little stroll...

I am soooo in love with this next picture!

This next one is in the race for sure!

Please have lots of other babies, cause you two make cute ones!!!


Citrus High School Senior

So today my 8 and 9 year olds were making photocopies of their butt cheeks on my printer... geesh... Sometimes I wonder if they'll ever grow up into young men, like Kevin. Congratulations on your graduation! I hope your future is as bright as your smile....


Just in case you miss it, check out his eye lashes.... I LOVE this next shot!