Shumway/Ryan Sneak Peek

I am trying to figure out how to put a slideshow together from this wedding, but I'll go ahead and post a sneak peek. I had so much fun, this couple is so kickback! I especially love the ones on the motorcycles and hope they do too!

Bellies and beauties!

I love this family and had so much fun, especially with this little guy. He just loves the dirt and was content playing in it for an hour or so, no complaints from him during this photo shoot!


Ray of Sunshine

Here are some photos of my youngest sister and her fiance'. I am having trouble with file size, so not sure how they'll look on the blog. But she is as sweet as she looks and I am so excited for the wedding this Saturday.
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Here is the sweetest little dolly. She survived three outfit changes despite the fact that she looks best in her birthday suit. Now how many of us can say that?


My Joy

Here is a snapshot of my kids at home. They were all so excited that Rob is sitting up and had to jump in the picture with him. Left to Right...Brock, Rob, Nate, and Miss Karah!

Contact Me

Okay, I am just trying to get the feel for this blog thing.
Drum roll....
I am going to attempt to post a picture, ahhh, here we go, wish me luck!
(Note*this is a picture from my contact page of my photography website www.erintphotography.com) ...ahhh, shucks, go ahead and check it out;-)