A Mother's Love

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with baby Brielle...don't you love her name? 

I know it is early in the post, but I am gonna go ahead and say, this next picture is my absolute favorite!

Did I mention her pretty mommy is a great friend...she brought me a weeks+ worth of groceries right after I had my 4th child.  It was so thoughtful and appreciated.

I really like this editorial style to newborn photography.  Yeah, I could get a picture of just the baby's face.  But these moments...her precious skin next to mommy's.  You can see that mom is smitten, still after her 4th child.

And baby Brielle proved to be pretty happy in her mommy's arms.

Mom took a break while I was getting ready for the next location...and I caught a glimpse of her just loving this sweet new life.  The responsibility is great, and therefore, the reward also!

I actually love this next one, how it provides only a sneak peak at their moment together.

Precious button nose...

I love her dark hair...wether it lasts or not, she is going to be a beauty!

We took a little stroll out to the local orange groves and grabbed a few more shots.  Brielle was in heaven, she was just content and sleepy, basking in the sun.

We tried for one last headshot, but it wasn't happening without the binky in her mouth.  Little diva!

Okay Heather, I am so sorry, I don't know what happened to this post...this was like a month ago.  I basically skipped it somehow and just realized I never posted these.  Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!  She is precious!


  1. very nice. it was fun to see them pre-edit as well!

    p.s. how did you get all these done before 8 am?? OR did this happen very late last night?!

  2. Seriously Erin you are amazing!!!