Photo of the day or 3

So I have three little gems to share with you today.  This is my little man, Rob, playing in the sink of our Master Bathroom.  I often set him right next to me on the counter really quick while I put in some earrings or apply some eyeliner.  Well he has discovered a love for the sink.  I love it too.  Jake and I found this gem of a dresser and he cut a whole in it and installed the sink and did the plumbing etc.  I love the look on this first one, like ohhhh, you caught me turning on the water (which he knows is a no, no).  

So what do I do, encourage it more, all for the sake of a few precious photos.  Rob was certainly having a blast!  I love this moment, he gave me a big grin afterwards, discovering his super powers.

It wasn't long after, he was done and trying to climb out of the sink.  I was left with a few water puddles to mop up!  You know that poem about children leaving their dirty handprints and growing up too fast...ya' know...well we can't all be eloquent...anyways, think of that!

A little info....all of these, plus the one from yesterday, Karah flying high, were shot with my trusty old Canon Rebel XT.  I didn't use the flash on any of these...try it!


  1. First of all, I LOVE your bathroom, gorgeous!! Great pictures too... I need a better camera.

  2. i love photo (photos) of the day!! and your old rebel . . . i am impressed. i need to live closer. we need to shoot together more often and jake needs to come remodel my new house . . . .

  3. oh, and i have loved all your recent posts. (just by the way.)

    i'm a huge fan!

  4. BEAUTIFUL photo! You bathroom is stunning, but your baby steals the shows. Another motivator for me to keep a clean house...better pics.