Life is good

Life is a funny thing.  Sometimes it is good, sometimes it sucks.  But this is about photography, right?  Well for the past year, it seems that photography has been my life.  It is one thing to photograph your children playing in the mud because you want to preserve that gleeful moment, it is another thing to do it for a job.  Though it can be a very enjoyable job as well.  My head is spinning...where is this going?  Okay, see honestly I have never been a fan of blogs, and it took me a long time to cross over to the dark side (well, a whole 6 months...because I started doing photography, chuckle, chuckle.)  Everything I read on starting a successful photography business, included having a super fabulous blog.  And WOW, were they right.  I never meant to start a full fledged (is that a word?) business.  I meant to take things slow, sucker a few friends into paying me to take their pictures, making money and perfecting my art at the same time.  I got sucked into the realm of everybody else's super fabulous trendy and cute blogs and photography skills, and spent many hours on the computer researching my business.
Am I quitting...NO!  I love photography, always have.  And I still have some weddings lined up for Spring and Summer and expect another busy Holiday Season.  But for now, I am GRATEFUL for the slow down.  Don't be surprised if I don't blog for awhile, or heck, if I do.  But I am slowing down in more ways than I know.  I notice myself enjoying life again, I mean really enjoying it...the way life is meant to be enjoyed.  I watch my babies sleep, I respond with patience to the most horrible of adolescent behaviors, I snuggle up to my husband, I am silly, I am running........I just feel good.
So for now, I plan on keeping my business small.  I am signing up for a photography class that I've been wanting to take.  I am being very picky about the sessions I take on.  My time is precious.  And so is yours...so get off this blog (don't even bother with my cute family pictures below) and go watch your babies sleep, or help an old lady across the street, do something GOOD, you know?
But if you happen to be LDS and you are reading this, go ahead and check out the funniest blog ever.  My sister told me about it...it is www.seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com, it is a riot!  And it pretty much sums up what I think about blogs!

Good times....
Now let me self-indulge...
So Brock and Nate just wrapped up basketball season.
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And today we kick off Baseball season...

Jake was practicing with the boys and I caught Karah off making wishes...lucky shot!
I just liked how the light was peering through the gate...note to self...time to prune the roses!
And merely a couple days later, I once again caught Karah in the moment (which one is your favorite?)
While Brock and Nate have been enjoying a multitude of sports, I have been home with the babies.  But occasionally I get out with Karah and Rob, like this trip to the fire station with our Mommy and Me Music Makers Group.

This little guy was so cute with his hard hat!
There we all are!
My little Rob!

PhotobucketThursday was FREE Aquarium of the Pacific Day for PTA members and their children.  I was able to meet two of my sisters there for a fun filled frolicking fish frenzy.
Nate taking his hand at petting the sharks!
Brock wondered why I was making a big fuss about taking his picture that very second???
We wanted to get a picture of all the kids, but at that very moment a huge shark went gliding by...very exciting for them.
My niece Ryan, with eyes of wonder...
I just loved the feel of this photograph, her hands pressed up against the glass with shimmering lights everywhere...
Brock just completed a 3 page report on Sharks, so I figured it was fitting to pull him out of school, for some hands on learning, right?
Okay, my niece...oh, I just start laughing thinking about this moment...she had a field day at the water feature!
My boys had to get in on the action as well.
Ny nephew is as handsome as they come, even with the wrinkled up nose smile!  Can you say "Baby Blues"...check out those eyes?
Thanks fishies for a wonderful day of exploring your beautiful world, goodnight.
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