Photog Day Trip

Well, my good friend Lacy was in town and her sister Tessa is home from college for the summer.  We couldn't wait to get together and turn the cameras on each other.  We all have a love for photography and never get to just PLAY.  It was so fun, no pressure, really casual...just a blast.  We found the most amazing location (thank you, thank you...) and set the camera to Manual...and just played and played til the sun went to sleep.  Now this must have been at least a month ago.....but the thought of putting pictures of myself on my blog, is a little scary!  Besides there is one of my huge mug, and I would like to apologize in advance for having to see my face sooooo big, feel free to scroll past it and not nit-pick my many flaws.
So with that said...here is the beautiful, talented Tessa, with the best poses around...."you really worked that camera girl!"

Couldn't pick a favorite so here is my top 3.

She is totally glowing in this one!  So purrrrty!

This next one in black and white is my favorite from the whole shoot!  Love it!

Oh Lacy, lacy, lacy, lacy...dear old friend of mine.  How I enjoy our ramblings of all things photography...and the occasional reminiscing of prom, boyfriends, girl's camp, toilet papering, and all of life's little pleasures!

Blue Eyes, Vavoom!

Is it seriously possible that this girl recently had two babies out of this tiny waistline???

While I will stand by the Black and White of Tessa being my favorite picture...this next one wants to seriously compete.  The sun peaking through and the beautiful light and setting....I really likey!!!

All of the above photographs were taken by me....but all the rest were taken by Lacy and Tessa.  This next next one of Lacy, taken by Tessa, is another favorite...Lace is rockin' the serious look, I love the lines created by the fencing, and the slightest backlight adds just enough umph!

Okay, unfortunately now you must see my face...it wouldn't be fair not to showcase the photographic talents of Lacy.  I mean, this girl had to work miracles to get these nice shots of me, thank you kindly!

Sorry, sorry, sorry...

Can't wait for our next visit!  Sorry again, about my big face!


  1. you are cute and i love you dearly!

  2. Nothing to be ashamed of,you look gorgeous!!

  3. Awesome pics. Erin!! You look beautiful! I wish I could be as talented as you are behind the camera! Especially today as I am attempting to take pictures of my baby Lucy (9 days) and am wishing you could be here to do it! Emily

  4. So cute to see my big sis and Lacy back together, just like old times! Lacy is still the cutest person I've ever known!!!