I Love Lucy (couldn't think of a song, haha)

Here is the beautiful Lucia.... or Lucy as we like to call her. I must say I love Lucy because she got more than she bargained for in a photo shoot with me. We planned to do it at my house so I had to make special arrangements for my family. I had a sitter for the little ones, and Jake took the older ones to a baseball game. Well my sitter cancelled, sick and I couldn't get anyone else last minute. But Lucy was game! So I put one down for a nap and the other one in front of a movie. Then Jake came home earlier than expected so there was all four of my munchkins running a muck at one point! THANKS LUCY!!! You are the best!

And you are beautiful!

As you can see, she didn't skip a beat, the perfect model!

That last one and the next one are my favs...

I forgot about this next one Lucy, I like it!

Once the kiddos invaded the house, we headed outside seeking pretty sun flair.

Lucy braved my overgrown lawn... but it was worth it!

Okay... so by this point all the kids made their way outdoors and my daughter Karah was driving the Hot Wheels Jeep around the yard! She must have come inches from driving right over Lucy's pretty head. Needless to say, this was the last shot of the day.

Whew, you survived! My sanity though, that is another question, haha....


For Fun

Just for fun, my friend and I took our kids to the park to play. And we brought our cameras just to play around. It was noon day and ended up to be about 100 degrees outside. Needless to say, we didn't last very long.
Here is my little Rob walking the curb with granola bar in hand.

My friend's baby. He is such a cutie!

We took a stroll and found this neat spot to take pictures. Now this all didn't last more than 15 minutes due to 4 kids ages 3 and under and 100 degree temps.

I love this one of my Karah because she has sticks in one hand, a rock in the other, and dirt on every other place of her body.

My friend's daughter has the most stunning curly locks!

Rob himself had a good time in the dirt...

My friend has the cutest kids and they were all troopers as I sent them running down the trail.

This next one is my favorite!

Rebecca, it was so much fun to get together and we'll have to do it again...but maybe when it cools down, haha...


Hales Family

This post is long overdue! Here are some images from a recent (cough, cough... probably a month ago) photo shoot with the Hales Family.

You two are out of control cute!

I love this family and just adore being around the little girls. Growing up with 4 sisters of my own... these girls remind me so much of my own childhood. Silliness, giggles, and 100% girl drama.

We probably should have done head shots before hanging upside off the couch, oh well! And in no particular order, here is Miss S. She is all about having a good time and so kick back.

Little Miss B. She is the stinkin' cutest thing ever. Her cute little voice tops it off!

And Miss R. Quite the young lady, all growing up. She is so mature and those eyes, beautiful!

And to round out the little ones, is the diva, Miss A. Now girls, realize, I love you all the same, despite the fact that I am going to showcase a million pictures of Miss A. She is just too funny. I asked for one pose, she gives me twenty, I can't help myself!

And last, but not least, MOM! What a beautiful family you have!!! Thanks for sharing the afternoon with me and for your big biceps! We man-handled that couch! Good times...


Eric and Wendy

What a beautiful sunny weekend in Southern California to enjoy the union of Eric and Wendy. We started the day at the LDS Temple in San Diego, CA. It may seem strange to some that I, as the photographer, was not able to go inside the temple and take pictures of this joyous occasion. But there is no other word I can use to describe a temple marriage, other than sacred. I myself (well with my husband of course) was married in this very same temple. It is a sacred place where we make sacred covenants with our spouse and the Lord.

We all waited outside patiently, for the Bride and Groom to emerge. This next picture is of the brides sisters.... I love it, their expressions of joy and anticipation to see their beautiful sister, as they smiled for another camera.

And beautiful she was!!! The groom couldn't keep his hands off his beautiful new wife! I was walking ahead of the bride and groom to lead them to a photo-op spot, and they were doing this behind my back the whole time... giddy in love!

Eric can make Wendy laugh at the drop of a hat. He is so funny, a glass half full kinda guy.

I can't say enough about Wendy. I was briefly at the rehearsal dinner to meet Wendy. While we were discussing the reception lighting, a bridesmaid came in to tell her that the irreplaceable cake topper just broke. She said, "Okay, well we can't get a new one in time, but that is okay...we'll do without." And she she turned back to me without skipping a beat... I was thoroughly impressed! Oh yeah, did I mention she is gorgeous?

Not bad himself, eh?

We headed to the reception location where I had a field day taking pictures in the bridal room. The lighting was yummy!

Not exactly a traditional ring shot, but I liked the geometry of this next one.

Once again, not my typical shoe shot, but this candid moment as the bride just stepped into her shoes, I love. It is all about that pretty light glimmering through.

The room was covered in beautiful mirrors.

I just liked this next picture because Wendy was doing the "deep breath" thing. I can feel the anticipation as she prepared to be introduced as Eric's wife.

Oh, and this one of the flower girl, looking on as Wendy refreshed her mascara.. I likey!

I have a million other fabulous pictures of their ring ceremony, the beautiful dinner, so many friends and family. But I will end with a few of my favorites from the ballroom. Here Wendy looks lovingly at her father during the daddy daughter dance.

And this one of Eric dancing with his mom, I think everyone in the room had a tear in their eye.

The festivities weren't complete without the bouquet and garter toss. But before Eric could toss the garter, he had to find it... good times!

Well, let's turn up the volume and get this party started. And that, they did! Eric and Wendy danced the night away with each other and so many of their loved ones. Here Wendy dances with Eric's dad... love it!

Eric and Wendy had moves like no other!!!

And this final shot of the night was taken by my fabulous 2nd shooter Tessa! Notice the feet... oh I love it!!!

St. Lucia.... I am so jealous! Hope you are having a wonderful time basking in the sun. Wishing all my best to Eric and Wendy for time and all eternity!