I am about to get sappy, so hold on! I had the most wonderful time last week at this family beach session. Why so sappy? I just love these people. I met mom almost a year ago, at a Mommy and Me Beach Photo Shoot as seen HERE. She is actually pictured at the very top of my blog in black with her daughter in pink. We reunited for their family shoot at the beach, near their home in LaJolla. Sadly, they are moving away, right when I am getting to know them. Mom and Dad are two of the kindest, dear people I have come across. They are real, natural, organic, tender, sweet people. It was easy to see their nature as they interacted with their two small children. It was a defining moment for me, as we wrapped up the shoot, walking back to our cars. I suppose knowing they were on to a new chapter in their lives, was touching. But I really wanted to hug them as we said our goodbyes. So yes, that was sappy and defining for me. I mean, who wants to hug someone they barely know? I withheld the urge...but I realized something. I love people and photographing them is one of my passions!
P.S. Watch out, next time I might hug you!!!

Good luck on the journey ahead.... but you won't need it.... you are already lucky! I withheld my temptation to post 100 pictures, but hahaha, even better, I made a slideshow of them! click HERE to enjoy...


  1. I really love the feeling that you captured in these photos. Beautiful.

  2. Your amazing... I love how well you caption the candid... well not just candid... but those touching moments. You really know how it lend a visual to relationships... lovin this Erin!!

  3. Those blond babes are too cute and you captured them so well. Touching!