Just because I can...

How can I possibly pick.... check out a little SLIDESHOW!


Thank you Adam and Jamie, for sharing an afternoon with me... I can't believe how much she has grown in the last year.  Thank you for choosing me to capture this amazing time in your life, you can see some of her baby pictures here.


In the Orchards

I took these back in the spring when the orchards were in bloom. I can't wait to head back up in the fall to pick the delicious apples! In the meantime... pretty location, pretty mommy, pretty baby, pretty dresses, and really pretty shoes.... ENJOY!

Ashley, you are so pretty and a wonderful momma!

She was crackin' us up!

I am so in love with this pouty face girl!

Maybe my favorite...

Awe, but look at this face...



Your a beauty Miss Ella, thanks for letting me capture it!

As we headed back to the car, I couldn't help but notice how hard Ashley worked for these photos!!!


Castle by the Sea

I'd really like to live, in a castle by the sea

But this old bus will do nicely, for my family and me.

Because it doesn't really matter, wherever you live

In a hammock or cave, as long as you always try to give.

Give your best, every single day

Take a chance that might, take your breath away.

Follow the path that always, leads you right back home

If you fall behind just breath, and take things slow.

Enjoy comforts that warm, the depths of your soul

Slice up an orange, and cook a campfire cinnamon roll.  (Nice yellow jacket!)

Wakeup and enjoy, each new day

Make sure you have fun, and take some time to play.

Hold a little baby, gently in your safe arms

Catch a pollywog, but please, don't do it harm.

If your pants fall down, pick them up with a smile

Get buried in the sand, if it's been awhile

Make sure that you squish some sand between your toes,

And tell a good ghost story, that nobody knows.

Don't spend your life always, looking over your shoulder

Unless it is to smile, and somebody who is older.

Catch a wave and take a few rides

Flying in the air, will earn some high fives.

Cook a good hotdog, on a hanger wire

And remember to respect, the power of the fire.

Play a game of frisbee, watch in glide in the air

And it's okay if your shirt, gets stuck on all that hair.

Let your child ride his skateboard, in the middle of the street

You gotta relax pull up a towel, and layout at the beach.

Feel the sun, down by the shore

Cutting kids hair, is such a bore.

Conquer each new obstacle, that is put in your way

Become like an innocent child, that's what God would say.

Go camping with family, in some really pretty trees

Sit quietly by the creek and always, get down on your knees.

Thank the Lord each day, for the treasures of the sea.

And the ones that really matter, to you and me!

Walk hand in hand, with a best friend

To our loved ones, we must always tend.

Take your family on a bike ride, to enjoy the beautiful sights

And stop to take in the magnificence, of the magical moonlight!

I feel blessed...
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!