Dallin and Gina

What a beautiful day... as Dallin and Gina committed to an eternity...

with eachother... hand in hand.

They were sealed together in the beautiful San Diego Temple in a sacred ceremony.

Awe, Gina's dad... a proud papa!

These two are headed for a life of laughs... because I know... no matter what this life hands them... these two are bound to laugh their way through it!

The day was full of infectious laughs... by everyone.

Gina wore these beautiful blue earrings that her grandfather gave her... a girl with sentiment... my kinda girl!

I think this next one is my fav...

How you doin'? How YOU doin'?

He, he, he.....Gina sportin' the bib!

My lovely talented Tessa took this next beauty!

This couple was from out of town and had a wonderful honeymoon planned at Disneyland... so cute!

I really loved their shoes..hers first!

But not to be outdone by these bad boys!

C'mon hun!

All my best to the two of you for a happily ever after!

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  1. these are great! so jealous that i could not tag along with you and tess too!!