I Love Lucy (couldn't think of a song, haha)

Here is the beautiful Lucia.... or Lucy as we like to call her. I must say I love Lucy because she got more than she bargained for in a photo shoot with me. We planned to do it at my house so I had to make special arrangements for my family. I had a sitter for the little ones, and Jake took the older ones to a baseball game. Well my sitter cancelled, sick and I couldn't get anyone else last minute. But Lucy was game! So I put one down for a nap and the other one in front of a movie. Then Jake came home earlier than expected so there was all four of my munchkins running a muck at one point! THANKS LUCY!!! You are the best!

And you are beautiful!

As you can see, she didn't skip a beat, the perfect model!

That last one and the next one are my favs...

I forgot about this next one Lucy, I like it!

Once the kiddos invaded the house, we headed outside seeking pretty sun flair.

Lucy braved my overgrown lawn... but it was worth it!

Okay... so by this point all the kids made their way outdoors and my daughter Karah was driving the Hot Wheels Jeep around the yard! She must have come inches from driving right over Lucy's pretty head. Needless to say, this was the last shot of the day.

Whew, you survived! My sanity though, that is another question, haha....

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  1. Lucy! you worked it out girl! Great photos Erin.