Golden Hour

WooHoo, what fun! I had a blast with this amazing extended family!

I first met them at their home, where they welcomed me in with open arms, introductions, love and laughter! We quickly headed down the block for some group shots in this AMAZING tree, which has family sentimental value. I can't think of a better place to preserve this "family tree" than in this "family tree". Gosh, I should get paid for my original quotes!!!

With extended families, it is often rare to have everyone in the same state at the same time. So it really was a pleasure for me to document this special family time they shared together. Above, I love how close knit all the girl cousins are, and all so pretty in pink!

Mom was so worried about the boys resistance to having their picture taken (above). PLEASE... they were perfect. And having three boys myself, I can attest to this amazing feat!

We did one last quick one of Grandma and Grandpa with their grandchildren... (and though I am NOT pregnant), I must be emotional... I can't help but think of how blessed they must feel!

Next we headed to Paramount Ranch, northwest of Los Angeles. All I can say is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! What a beautiful location! If I only lived closer, I would shoot there all day long!

There were so many amazing buildings, great for backdrops. But I was smitten with the beautiful golden sunlight as my backdrop. I love this next family picture; simple, casual, beautiful, and warm... I love it!

There were open fields where we all played and had a wonderful evening together.

Okay, I must preface this next picture. DAD, oh Dad... what am I going to do with you. His beautiful children and wife were perfect little models, enduring endless hours of hair blowing fans and uncomfortable poses (j/k). He claims he had ants in his pants or a wild pack of mosquitos got him, I can't remember (LOL). The wife and kids didn't complain, that's all I'm sayin'! I was having so much fun harassing him, he finally gave up!

Whew! He pulled it together for a beautiful family portrait that can be cherished forever!

These next few crack me up. I was trying to take a few shots of just mom and dad hanging out, but someone just had to get in on the family love. He seriously adores his dad, it is so cute!

But later on I caught mom and dad cracking up, out of the corner of my eye, and was able to preserve a few great moments!

Hmmm, this next one......... sorry dad, but I am gonna have to say SUPERMODEL!

Oh brother!

Awe, the girl who stole my heart! Honestly, I keep thinking she reminds me of someone, I can't put my finger on it. Every time she talks to me, I am engaged. Could it be that her heart is so pure, I am drawn to her? Could it just be her infectious smile?

We don't realize til we are all grown up, but...

I have lots of other great head shots of this handsome young boy, but I heart this one with all the sun flare (maybe too much for some, but I like it!)

This next series is practically all the same. But I can't ever pick just one favorite from a series of great moments!

We were done, headed out. Then I noticed this guy practically passed out on dad's lap from all the fun festivities of the day! Before I could sneak in a shot, he perked up just enough to give me this sweet smile!

No photoshop or enhancing on that last one...those really are his eyes... Oh, I love it!
Moments later we were all packing up in the car to head home when little Miss Infectious Smile (maybe 6 years of age) said to her mom, "That was so much fun!" Ahhhh... how many 6 year olds say that after a two+ hour photo shoot? And I drove home with a big smile on my face.
The End!


  1. Whew!! Amazing... yep!! You are amazing...

  2. Love love love them Erin!!! Thanks for all of your hard work that day with us!!! Your awesome!!!

  3. Erin, these are beautiful! A couple of them almost got me emotional and I don't even know them!!

  4. Beautiful work Erin!

    Kathy C.