Adam and Stacy

Worth the wait!
Oh my, what a busy bee I have been. I shot this beautiful wedding last weekend at the Redlands Temple in Redlands, Ca. The day was simply beautiful and I hope I captured it as such. Most of these shots were straight out of camera. I only gave one of them a little photoshop treatment. But that is just the way I like it. It has been rewarding as I travel through this journey as a photographer to discover my own style. You'll find throughout these images, simply..."Life, preserved!" I don't necessarily concoct images, using special effects, fancy textures, heavy saturation, etc. I love to capture real people, real moments, real life! I love the emotion behind these images and hope you do too!
introducing....Adam and Stacy

Stacy, let's call her "sweet Stacy"... was simply as sweet as can be. Here she looks to her grandfather, intently listening to his words of wisdom.

Stacy is such a beautiful girl, she is quiet, a woman of wisdom. She was so kind to each of her nieces. All the little girls looked at her with the biggest eyes, thinking she was a princess, of course. She took time to greet each of them with love. I love this next moment...

This one cracked me up!

I have to tell you about this little spit fire.... oh, what a doll. She would look at me with those big brown eyes, beautiful as can be.

But as soon as I brought my camera up.... she was havin' none of it! Sorry mom, this shot was too classic, for me to withhold, hahaha!

So we didn't get that family shot, but I am thinking these next ones will make up for it. Besides, I would rather have a photograph like this in my house any day!

So stinkin' cute...

All the guests headed off to the reception, and I was able to take some time with Adam and Stacy at the temple. They were so sweet together, and seriously the quietest couple I've ever photographed. You can just feel the love and respect between the two of them. I think they are both a bit soft spoken; typical of humble, kind hearted, genuine people! It was such a pleasure to preserve this day for you both!

I love these next two, both taken by my fabulous second shooter, Tessa. She was just home for the summer from college, I will sorely miss her come fall! Thanks Tessa for all your hard work and help... you are the best!!!

The Redlands Temple is so beautiful, sometimes I think they designed it with photographers in mind, haha! There are so many beautiful spots, I just LOVE the patina on these doors. Helps to have this beautiful couple in the shot as well!!!

Just a candid moment I caught... I love that sun flare almost as much as their smiles.

I love this shot of Stacy!

Her coloring is AMAZING!

It was an awfully hot day, so we found a little bit of shade for these closeups!

This was Adam all day, handsome... with a slight smile...

WooHoo... I love this next one, I finally got him to crack a laugh!

And that was that, they were headed off to the reception. Love the palms.

I have to mention all the sweet details that went into planning this beautiful day. I would like to think that Stacy planned them to go with her "Sweet" personality, but I am sure she would be blushing. All the tables were covered with delicious sweets. As well as an amazing serving of deliciousness at the buffet tables.

The room was covered in these beautiful lights, which was a perfect compliment to the theme. Oh, I should have included a shot of the favors. (Bubble Gum tied up and adorned with the saying, "Hope you had a BALL... Adam and Stacy")...it was all so cute!

This sweet heart puckered out early but I couldn't resist her lashes!

Stacy's bouquet was full of vibrant beautiful colors.

Oh yes, this was a fun one I captured from way across the room with my 70-200mm lens. I love it!

Congratulations Adam and Stacy!!! Truly, it was a pleasure to be a part of this special day. I wish you all the joy and happiness for eternity!


  1. I love these! They are all wonderful. I can't wait till I can come shooting with you!!

  2. They are beautiful pics, Erin! Thanks for shooting my bro., Adam, and his new bride--you captured great moments! Danna (Tjaden) Probst

  3. Thanks so much Erin, we will enjoy the memories of this day forever because you captured them so well in your photos!

  4. Correction...not captured,"preserved"!

  5. holy moly, is that their stake center with the awesome door? jealous!