Pretty in Pink

Ohhhhh........beautiful baby girl! Congratulations to this cute family!!! Here she is with momma....who by the way, just had a C-section a week before.....hello, she looks AMAZING!

And her house was WAY to clean considering she just had a baby!

It was such a joy to be invited into their home to document this new beginning for them.

Love this moment...

Ahhh, so cute! LOVE, LOVE!

Here she slept for perhaps a whole 2 seconds..... but we got it!

I love these next two. Dad just came home from work as we were wrapping up. We grabbed a couple of them sitting on the porch. What a blessed time in their lives... sleepless nights, dirty diapers, crying lullabies. Just kidding... hold tight to these precious moments. Smiles and cooing are right around the corner!

Silly, but this might be my favorite. Dad happens to have a little dirt under his wedding ring, from his day of providing for his family! The contrast of his hands and those precious baby legs....awe, I love it!

It was great weather, hot and sunny outside. We tried to take a few of this sweet girl on daddy's favorite chair.

I love that they always seem to find their thumb!

I think dad will like this one of his two favorite ladies cuddling in his favorite chair!

She finally conked out with the binky... one of life's little pleasures.

Thanks guys! I had a wonderful time and am wishing you all the best with your growing family!


  1. as always...fantastic work! i'm not bias or anything. :)

  2. love them! your favorite is mine too.