Hales Family

This post is long overdue! Here are some images from a recent (cough, cough... probably a month ago) photo shoot with the Hales Family.

You two are out of control cute!

I love this family and just adore being around the little girls. Growing up with 4 sisters of my own... these girls remind me so much of my own childhood. Silliness, giggles, and 100% girl drama.

We probably should have done head shots before hanging upside off the couch, oh well! And in no particular order, here is Miss S. She is all about having a good time and so kick back.

Little Miss B. She is the stinkin' cutest thing ever. Her cute little voice tops it off!

And Miss R. Quite the young lady, all growing up. She is so mature and those eyes, beautiful!

And to round out the little ones, is the diva, Miss A. Now girls, realize, I love you all the same, despite the fact that I am going to showcase a million pictures of Miss A. She is just too funny. I asked for one pose, she gives me twenty, I can't help myself!

And last, but not least, MOM! What a beautiful family you have!!! Thanks for sharing the afternoon with me and for your big biceps! We man-handled that couch! Good times...



  2. these are great. is that the same spot we shoot at? love the contrast of the couch and woods!