Happy 4th of July

This year we went down to Oceanside for 4th of July. We had the most wonderful time and enjoyed all the usual things on America's Birthday.
We headed down there a bit late after taking a dip in Kristen's pool, much thanks to her. So we raced to make sure we wouldn't miss the fireworks. So after a VERY leisurely stroll through some SoCal 4th of July traffic, there was so many roadblocks, no matter which way we went we couldn't get to our hotel. A couple cops told us, "Too bad, you'll have to park somewhere else and walk a mile or so with your 4 kids/babies to get to your hotel". So we tried a few other cops and finally found one with the spirit of patriotism, or at least kindnesss. He moved a few cones and off we were to the hotel. We had no time to check it out so we just threw the kids in the strollers and started making our trek down to the beach as fast as we could. It was AWESOME...the second we found a spot and set our towels and chairs out on the sand, we heard the first BOOM! And there we saw it...the most anticipated fireworks show all the kiddies had been waiting a week to see.
I love the ones that spiral down like that.
And these colors....so beautiful. The kids were jumping for joy.

Oh wait, that is not a picture of fireworks....that is FOG!
Oh my gosh, the fog rolled in and everybody started rolling out. That is right, you coudn't see a single firework through the whole show, the fog was just too dense.
Oh wait...

Oops, sorry kids, thought I saw some fireworks, but it was just a street light!
Well, it seems that no matter what, kids know how to have a good time. So we stayed at the beach for a bit, while they played in the sand...we had to drag them away finally at 10pm or so.
So we headed back to our hotel to have a good night's sleep after a very long day. The bed was so comfortable it reminded me of sleeping in a bowl...
And we didn't have to worry about leaks because they did a really thorough job on the caulking (Jake pointed out.)
And of course we didn't have to worry about peekers with these lovely curtains...
One last note, all of this is much prettier than in real life...I can't help it that I take such nice photographs. He, he, he...
Happy 4th of July


  1. Sounds like the best 4th ever! I think you should jion us in SD next yearHAHA

  2. Girl you are freakin hilarious!! I wish I had a beach to sit on... for now I'll have to take the muddy flooded river banks we have here in Oz. I will have to bring my hubby back here, he will definitely enjoy the fine workmanship of your hotel room. You are splendidly funny!! Have a good week!


  3. That toilet is great. We were in Oceanside too. We should communicate better.