Dancin' Queen

I am sooo behind on blogging, I suck!  I just have to get straight to these pictures.  We went to the library for a few fun photos and found this book.  I thought it was perfectly fitting for a High School Senior Photo Shoot.  

Miss Monica has thee most beautiful and captivating eyes.
Caught you...

I like this one A LOT! (in my best Forrest Gump)

Her beautiful hair was done by the amazing Tracy Green.

The next one is my FAVORITE!

I like the angle on this next one.

I had a blast with the sweetest young lady.  Wishing you all the best in the Road to Reality, haha!  And speaking of the future, this next picture is for you..."I hope you dance"  
(Picture me singing that song by LeAnn Womack)...
aren't you glad I didn't add a voice over on this blog!!!



  1. love them! i want to come with you next time . . . .

  2. She looks so beautiful!!! I love the ballet shoes on the brick wall. Great colors!!!