Farrell Family Reunion

A big shout out to the Farrell Family for our first annual reunion! I had such a wonderful time and am certainly looking forward to this event in the future. The first day was a bit hectic, making sure tents were set up, food was organized, etc. The second day we all got fried at the beach, woohoo! And by the third day it all started to come together. We just kicked back, relaxed, played some good games of boggle, baseball, badminton, talked family history, and the kids climbed trees and roasted marshmallows. I realized that next year it is going to have to be a minimum of 5 days, it just isn't worth all the work, unless you get to enjoy it for a week. I really loved reminiscing about Grandma and Grandpa, chatting with my Aunts and Uncles, and watching my children bond with their 2nd cousins. Thanks for all the memories!

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