"The Sun is Going Night Night"

What a treat to photograph this cute family as the sun set! And a nice way to wrap up my 7 days straight of blogposts, woohoo! But stay tuned, I have lots more to share. Now... time to get ready for wedding season, yikes!

She is out of control cute!  Can I eat her please?

You should've been there when I showed him on the back of my camera... smiles galore!

Nice hops...

We lost our yummy warm light and the kids were shivering.... but it was worth it!

How it all began!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. These shoots are unreal. I love the one of the mom and dad together, and the last one is such a cute way to end.


  2. So pretty! I love how natural these look. Gorgeous!

  3. These are amazing. Seriously, how do you do it?? And when can I tag along?!

  4. These are really beautiful! You are amazing!!! That looks like the beach we go to every Weds. you should join us sometime!