Down by the Sea

I've spent a lot of time photographing families seaside! And it is OFFICIAL.... it is my absolute favorite place in the world to preserve family memories!  It can be so challenging to get families to really relax and have a wonderful time, BUT not at the beach! Perhaps something about being on the edge of the world, so to speak, helps us forget that there is anything else in the world... except that very moment with your treasured loved ones! 

 I recently came across this quote about photography... "One thing I really find interesting is that people will buy Coach purses, fancy flatscreen TVs, expensive toys and sets for their children, and all manner of luxury goods that have maybe a 1-2 year lifespan. But when it comes to professional portraits, which will last a lifetime, they base the decision purely on price. I’m not sure at what point children and family become less important than a fancy purse." ~A. Joki 
 I bring this up not because I am trying to muster up sales (actually I only have two openings between now and the end of October). But because I hope everyone makes it a priority to create family heirlooms. You will treasure these portraits, your children will, your grandchildren will, your great grandchildren will, throughout the generations. I treasure all of the family portraits that have been passed down to me... they are the looking glass to my past. I am so glad I finally had some family portraits taken recently and am already planning the next shoot. 

 Okay, I better get off my soap box! Because I NEVER post to my blog anymore (too lazy).... I am going to kick off some summer fun by posting beach pictures, everyday for one week! Wish me luck!


I'm so in love with this next one...

Dad joined us at the end for a few snaps...

Just loved this Black and White!

I just had to throw in this last one because look at these two cute brothers giggling.  They are joined by their cousin, the sweetest little thing ever!  Her family pictures to come!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the emotion you captured with this little family. I have a shoot at the beach today and this helped get me in the mood, perfect!

  2. I love that quote Erin!! It's so true. I'm not the coach buying type, or anything fancy for that matter! But, I am always budget concious, even when it comes to pictures. This definitely gave me a new perspective on it, thank you.

  3. So fun! And the quote is perfect!