Couldn't drive fast enough....

Yep, I couldn't drive home fast enough after this engagement session. I couldn't wait to see these images! We actually hit up two locations so here is part 1, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The architecture, the lighting, the landscape, the curvature, the shimmering beauty of it all! Throw this wonderful couple in the mix and BAM, I am in love all over again!

Get out of town.... beautimous!

Finally getting my fix on modern architecture!

In love.....

But this next one is IT, my one and only true heart!

Don't ever let me take you for granted
You've got your finger on the pulse of my soul
Let me place a kiss in the small of your back
Love and protect you from the evils of this world

Baby don't ever leave me stranded
Whoever said that the streets were paved with gold
Well I'm afraid that we're all sadly mistaken
There's nothing here til we have someone to hold

I love you with all the joy of living
Til the lights go down in New York City
It's a special love affair
And there's magic in the air

Gotta shake me down
Bring me 'round to my senses
Until I'm lost and found
And you surround me with your senses....


  1. Good call. You Surround Me. Nice.

    Nice pics, too...great couple...and fantastic location.



  2. Love these!! Tif and Jereme--great architecture and great a photographer...Winning combination!!!!

  3. uh, these are genious!!!! we must have a mentoring session sometime this summer! do you like how i am commanding you as your elder? seriously, i need your help! love you to pieces!!!!!!