Baby Let's Cruise...

Part 2 from my recent engagement session, was filled with bricks walls, a beautiful vintage car, and two  people in love!  Can't wait for the wedding next month!

These next three were shot with the Lensbaby, thanks to Tiff.  She brought along her special lens for me to play with.  I have never touched one before and think I need some more practice on getting my focal points right on, but I LOVE the classic movement it creates, beautiful!

So old fashioned, I love it!

Okay, so this last one was at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, previously showcased, but I snatched it with the Lensbaby and had to include it today.  I think they look beautiful!

Congratulations....getting so excited!

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  1. I love them! Where are you meeting all these people with such awesome cars?! I hope I can join you in April!!