Eat your Heart Out!

I am trying to say this in humility, but I am LOVIN' these images from my last session of 2009. But the magic isn't just in the chef, but in the recipe itself. Everything came together for a wonderful photo session with the McKell Family.


1 black 1937 Ford Tudor (restored by dad himself)

1 stunning family

1 beautiful mother with a great sense of style... putting together the perfect family wardrobe (see above photos)...

1 cup of glowing sunshine

1 acre of beautiful land

1 heaping of eternal love

Mix all of the remaining ingredients until a happy family emerges...

Finally, add entire bag of PROUD DAD pictures!

This car is his baby and we had a field day taking pictures of the proud papa...

I love this next one, too cool!

Bake at a perfect 75 degrees until the sun sets and it gets a little chilly...

Remove from the stresses of life and set aside time for some relaxation...

Should make several beautiful family portraits...

And memories of your beautiful children...




and Annie!

I love this one with the moon making it's way into our session...

Some vintage flare...

I show you this next series not to out dad that the boys had to push start his car...
Hey, it's his baby...just learning how to crawl!

Besides, it started up beautifully on our way there and runs like a charm! It was just freezing cold by this point and needed some love...

And love it got!!!

This recipe turned out to be one of my favorites... I might have to clip it for future reference!

Mark and Susan, I hope you enjoyed this serving from our session!!!
P.S. I should mention that in a few years, this batch will double and triple in size with spouses and grandchildren and the eternal blessings of FAMILY!


As for me, I am taking the entire month of January off. I have high hopes of a new blog and a new website...haha...we'll see! I have 3 boys and 1 girl, just like this family. I might just squeeze my babies a little tighter each day, ahh, they grow up too fast!!! I'll try to post some personal images, so check back.

Thanks for spending a little bit of your 2009 to view my images!
Happy New Year!!!


  1. I am speechless... Thank you so much Erin! Mark :)

  2. These are wonderful, Erin. I especially love the parting shot. Gorgeous!


  3. Wow, I LOVE these Erin! I'm a sucker for the classic cars, love the vintage feel! Amazing!

  4. These are stunning! SO wish I could have been there. Great job.

  5. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.