A day at the beach...

Recently, Jake decided to ride his bike to the beach. I on the other hand, packed up the kids in the car, drove through traffic, unloaded the munckins, and made our way to the shore. Just as we crossed the bridge by the water, Jake came around the corner. That should give people a good idea of long it takes to tote four kids around, haha!

We love taking bike rides as a family, but Jake is always stuck pulling the two little ones in the bike carrier. So this was a good chance for him to take out his REAL bike and enjoy a nice ride!

As soon as we got there, this bird got the catch of the day, a beautiful star fish!

We found some more for the kids to play with...

Of course, Robbie prefers throwing the sand!

He was losing his pants to the sand the entire time... but I love his serious face right here.

Nate took his pants off as soon as we got there... this kid lives in his underwear!

This picture was totally blown out as I shot straight in the sun, but I think it has a magical look to it...

Robbie eventually shed most of his clothes...

Karah... what can I say.... I love this girl!

I am thinking of printing this next one up for the house...

Oh to be a kid again...

Rob was having major saggy diaper issues... but hey... he was happy!

I was glad I brought my old Rebel XT along. The colors coming from the sun this day were so warm and beautiful.

The sun was setting, the diaper falling...time to head home!

The End!


  1. You are such a fun family! Your kids are going to have great memories and beautiful photos to remind them of those times. These are my favorite beach photos I have seen you do and all with the rebel hehe

  2. I felt like I took a little trip to the beach myself! And I enjoyed the trip, too!!


  3. I felt like I came home to see you today... this was a nice treat Erin. Love the blown out pic... and all the others as well... nite!

  4. Oh, my! You are talented, girl! LOVE THEM ALL! Holy Cow! I would totally frame and hang the picture of the seagull with the starfish in it beak! Gorgeous! What beach was that? I wanna go? And you should visit this blog and enter their contests if you haven't already...


    :) Lisa B

  5. Hey, Erin. Could I post your pic of the bird with the starfish and the starfish alone? Of course, I would give you credit and also a link if you like.

    Thanks. Let me know, okay?


  6. Erin-

    Just wanted you to know that I am featuring your photos on my blog today. http://grannysuesnews.blogspot.com

    Thanks again for letting me use them!


  7. Oh my gosh Erin your work is stunning. I see major growth. So proud of you girl. & a little jealous too ;)

  8. Wow what beautiful photography and adorable kids! That looks like the most fun day at the beach ever. I'm in love with the photo of your son with the starfish that you said was blown out. Gorgeous!