Christmas Mini Sessions Nov 14th

Okay, so I think I figured out a way to post an image to my Blog, WooHoo. But it is all old school, having to generate codes in photobucket and paste them individually, nightmare!

Anyways, so I think I will work on a new blog in the new year. In the meantime, if you want to continue to follow my work, you can always find me on


I also am still booking my regular 2 hour sessions at a location of your choice. Please see my website for pricing and information. I have VERY few regular session appointments still available as I want to enjoy the holidays and my family just like you!!!
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hey Alicia Munyer has the same thing going on here... I had to take a double take. So are you guys working together?! Too cool...

    I hope all is well. I know you get busy this time of year. I just wanted to wish you well this time of year... ENJOY!!