My Top 30!

I am 30 years old today. So I decided to make a list with my top 30 things….that is right, THINGS. I don’t want to call them goals, I don’t know if they are for this year, or for this life, nor are they in any particular order; but nonetheless they are my top 30!
1) love, love, love…………………
2) maintain a fitness/wellness routine
3) have family photographs taken by a professional
4) take all 4 of my kids to Disneyland
5) travel to Europe with my husband
6) plan/attend a Thompson Family Vacation
7) advertise erinTphotography (someday)
8) go to Women’s Conference next May
9) read a book (sad I have to put it on a list)
10) take a photography class
11) surprise my husband
12) organize my house
13) take new photos of my children & hang on wall
14) don’t volunteer for something (ha, ha, ha…)
15) sing Christmas carols at a nursing home
16) keep a journal
17) make display boxes for my kid’s art work
18) express my gratitude to my husband
19) watch my sister’s kids overnight
20) go on another family bike ride
21) finish my food storage/update 72 hr kits
22) cry more happy tears
23) climb up in our tree house
24) second shoot for a reputable photographer
25) hold each one of my kids while they sleep
26) host a party
27) go camping at the beach with lots of friends
28) plan a girl’s getaway with a childhood friend
29) do more projects with the family
30) attend the temple more often
Feel free to beg me to join you at the gym to help me accomplish my goal. Our peer pressure to host a party will work well, or perhaps come climb into our tree house with me. I am gonna need all the help I can get. Thanks to my friends who left me birthday wishes on Facebook. Very sweet! I am actually really excited about this new decade in my life. Not sure why people profess these things on their blogs, but crap, here I go. Good thing my husband doesn't read this....alright...I am so blessed with an amazing husband and 4 beautiful children. I feel blessed to have our immediate families live close enough by that we can enjoy eachother's lives. When I think about all the things I've accomplished at the age of 30, I am confused. It is amazing and profound (at least in my pea sized brain). Measuring my life by things accomplished is a waste of time. It is the experiences that I have had, whether accomplished or not, that make me who I am today. I don't feel that, "Ahhh, I am 30, I am getting old" attitude. Instead I feel like, "WooHoo, I am only 30, good because I still have so much I want to do" attitude.
So here is to being 30 years old!!!
Love, erinT


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!! I'll be 30 next month, but haven't been as excited about it. Thanks for being so positive, made me feel a little better. I'll come climb in your treehouse any time, and I'll be ready for the party too! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I'll be 32 next month and would not want to go back 10 years. I feel the same as you, excited! Hope your day was the best!

  3. Love your list so cute and so ERIN") I think 30 is GREAT!!! LOVE IT:)