OmGosh, I am gonna post something personal. I know I usually stick to photography, but videography is related. So yesterday was my husband's birthday. And thanks to some great recommendations, I got him the Flip Mino Video Camcorder. If you love the ease of great products such as the iphone, you will love the Flip Video. It is a pocket size camcorder. The video and audio are great. But the best feature is the built in software, which makes it super easy to plug right into your TV and view, or right into your computer and view, save, and share your videos, and make cool movie mixes! Good stuff!!!
Since you can go snowboarding for free at Mountain High and other resorts on your birthday, Jake went snowboarding yesterday and took Brock. It is Brock's 8th Birthday on Sunday, so it was a birthday present for both of them. Mind you Brock has never been snowboarding before so I thought he did pretty good, check this out!!!

Happy Birthday Jake and Brock!!!

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  1. No freakin way!!!! Now I know what I'm gonna ask Santa for!!