What an unexpected surprise! My friend (Aja...we go way back) nominated me for a KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD. Let me tell you a little about Aja...she is the girl who is always happy, her smile and eyes glee, just being in her presence, you can feel the love spread, love this girl. And though I haven't seen her in...ouch, over a decade, I get a slice of her every time I read her BLOG. She is always witty with her posts, creative in her scrap booking, and her photography, a phenomenal wife and mother.
So on with it...I'd like to pass the award on to 5 more KREATIV BLOGGERS!

1. Jessica Claire - Wedding Photographer. Really don't bother checking out her blog. It is just full of beautiful, and amazing photographs that will cause you to spiral into a deep depression. I mean, who can every achieve this level of greatness at a mear age of 29 years old? Serisouly though, her photographs have been an inspiration for me as I delve into photography.
2. Angie Monson - Child Photographer. Okay, I know, another photographer. Well when it comes to blogs, I can't help but gravitate towards the eye candy. And Angie from Simplicity Photography does not disappoint. Her style is totally different from mine, but I think it helps me to grow as a photographer, as I look to expand my abilities.
3. Melissa Jill - Wedding Photographer. Okay so her style is simple, very classic in my opinion. I love her work and also admire her other endeavors. She supports good causes including the fight against Autism. She is an inspiration for me.
4. Christopher Becker - Wedding Photographer. Becker is the KREATIV creator of The [b] school blog and The [b] school community, an online school for photographers. It is a unique social referral network, forum, club, booking calendar...just a cool way for photographers to connect.
5. Denis Reggie - Wedding Photojournalist. I love to say the word photojournalism. Denis Reggie is a pioneer in the industry, leading the way for other photojournalists. I am in love with photojournalism and his images are worth 1,000 words. Oh crap, I don't think he has a blog, but you can check out his website, oh well, he is still KREATIV in my book.
5 (again). MCP Actions - Photoshop Blog. I love MCP Actions. She has amazing tutorials on how to use photoshop, she always has fun contests, she does online interviews with successful photographers, etc. She is the go-to-girl on where to get the best stuff and the best prices, etc. My favorite things are her video tutorials explaining photoshop techniques step by step!

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