Sneak Peek

Last Saturday I spent with an amazing couple. Scott and Jenn were married in the Redlands, CA Temple. I already told them this, but they have this undeniable respect for eachother. Of course it is obvious that they are twitterpated in love, but it is more noticeable that they have a deep, deep genuine concern, caring, and respect for one another. It is like what you see at a 50 year wedding anniversary party; maturity, respect, and love....(minus the wrinkles and pacemaker)!
I have been sick since Sunday, so here is just one, yeah, one, sneak peek picture from the wedding. More to come soon, I promise.



  1. I think I need to get re-married so you can take my wedding pictures. I wish you were at my wedding 12 years ago - of course you would have been like 10.

  2. Erin,
    Just wanted to tell you I think the wedding photos are amazing. Thank you for all the special moments caught on that special day. You are wonderful and we love you ....Jeanne (Scott's Mom)

  3. Great angle... I love this photograph!

  4. You photograph like a rock star. Every picture you take looks like it should be in a gallery.

  5. Love love love this shot!!