Gettin' Snazzy!

This Magic Blog it Board was created by Jodi at MCP Actions (www.mcpactions.com). You are getting a sneek peak. She will be using it as a sample when she debuts all her new tools for improving your blog! I am so excited!!!


  1. I just have to say: very lovely your pictures.
    I like photography, usualy i'm not a fan of wedding-pics, but in your case, ... a special sensitive view!
    Reading your last post, I can agree, it's a problem with web-improvement, esp. the logo. You've got an interesting point of view.

  2. Erin...words can't describe how beautiful the pictures are that you took at Jen and Scott's wedding. You definitely PRESERVED their special day. I love this collage. It brings tears to my eyes just looking at the moments you were able to cherish for them. Your amazing talent makes so many people happy.

  3. It's a pity that follower removes the pic if you don't want to have it public in your profile.
    But I think I'll rather use the google reader it's more comfortable for me. Just wanna let you know.
    Greets a lot.

  4. Erin, you either need to email me your email address or post your email address on my blog in a comment. My email address is thesixtaylorsinutah@msn.com Thanks so much Becca!

  5. Yay, how fun to hear from you! I will add your blog to my favorites now :) I am a public school art teacher and my son goes to our district daycare (Probably why he's been sick!). I was too antsy to stay at home and I'm not really good at getting out on my own and meeting people, so I went back to work this fall. How fun that you have 4 kids. I see you have a "Nate" too! Great name :)

    To be honest, outside of Facebook I don't really see too many LHHS people. My parents moved out of LH so I don't really go back. I went to the reunion last fall, but I was 8 months pregnant and didn't have that much fun, as you can imagine! I felt like a whale!

    We'll keep in touch!

  6. Erin, I just finished looking at all the pics from the wedding and I have to say that you did a spectacular job. You are so creative and I love the natural moments you are able to capture. Your still life photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  7. WOW! These wedding photos are amazing. You really have tapped into your talent:)

  8. I agree! They are absolutley beautiful! Scott and Jennifer must be so happy! You did a great job!