Laguna Beach Family Photographer

Okay..... so I have been on photography hiatus and plan to keep it that way for an undisclosed amount of time. I must confess with all my heart how wonderful it has been for me! Soooo wonderful!!! And that is only because I cherish my little people at home so much, and my husband too! I have a few projects I am committed to and can't wait til I actually crave getting out to do a photo shoot again. I feel blessed to be able to make this kind of decision for my life. I am not at the mercy of anything, other people, finances, pride, disappointment, or even narcasism, LOL! I am simply doing what I know is right! All that said.... I have several clients whose images have never been posted to the blog. I am gonna try to find some time to go back back through sessions and share. Cause let's face it... we all love pretty pictures!

I think this next picture is one of my favorites ever!

You guys are sooo HOT!

BEACH HAIR!!!.....


  1. And these are definitely pretty pictures.

    Enjoy your break!


  2. I love these! You must give me all your tips for beach shooting . . . .