Dear Beach, I miss you! Love, Erin

Despite all our rain, we have been blessed with a few days of sunshine. And lucky for this family, we had portraits scheduled at the beach on one of the most beautiful days this winter! Thanks for letting me capture it all!


You guys are knockouts!

Grandmas are thee best!

A beautiful baby...

And her beautiful mother...

These next three make me HAPPY!!!

Kristen, you are a HOTTIE in black and white

and COLOR, look at those eyes!

Frank, your not so bad yourself!

We found so many treasures of the sea that day...

This next one was the best though....

Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly!

Then this little sweet pea puckered out!

Me too....


  1. I love these! I haven't seen Kristen for years, but she looks as beautiful as ever!

  2. Really nice, Erin. I love the beach in the winter. Maybe even better than at summertime.