Do it again? I know that we should!

Some of my favorites, but don't sell your self short, go ahead and check out their little slideshow HERE!

Mr. and Mrs.


These next few images make me squeal!

I am seriously in love with this one... it makes me happy!

I love this moment during the toast... I can't see the groom's emotions, only feel them when I look at this...

It was a split second I barely caught, but Jereme was fiddling with that new ring on his finger all night.

I just threw this one in because I have seen so many bouquet shots that look exactly the same... I love how different this one feels!

And they lived happily ever after sailing the seas!  Hope you are having a wonderful time!!!
Thanks for choosing me to preserve this slice of your life!


  1. Scratch that. I am losing my mind.

    Ya done good, ERIN. (I known a girl named Jen Thompson...) Sorry.


  2. Love the one of the rings on the golf balls and the flowers on the window! I also like 2,3,6, and 7 great work as always.

  3. I love them! That bouquet picture is especially lovely.