My Family Photographs

I finally did it! I had family pictures taken by my dear friend and a wonderful photographer, Lacy. Thank you Lacy for preserving this little slice of our life! You are the BEST!

Jake and I celebrated 10 years of marriage almost 6 months ago.  Lacy made sure we got some shots to celebrate our LOVE!    
Good times!

Robbie just pouted the whole time so we all got in on the action!  Brock was so proud that Lacy actually caught this picture with the orange in his mouth.... he laughed good about this!  So fun...

Jake is gonna kill me for t his next one... but I am dyin' over his model looks!

I am so in love with this family portrait!  I didn't want a picture that said, "look at us, this is what we looked like in 2010".  I wanted a picture that told the story of our family life at this moment in time... DONE!

Another favorite.... I feel like I am moving through the tall grasses just looking at it!

Thanks again Lacy, love your guts!


  1. What a cute family you have.


  2. I LOVE these! She captured you guys just perfectly!!! Great photos of a great family!

  3. My throat choked up when I saw your family pictures. I just felt the love you have for each other. I love them. The dog pile one is the best, and I just love those pink heels you wore, along with the converse shoes the others wore. Love it, love it, love it. Keep the pictures coming, I'm your biggest fan.

  4. My pleasure! Let's do it again soon . . . .

  5. Those were some great shots. I am loving all the talent I'm seeing! Beautiful family! I especially love the couple shots. Great job!

  6. Congatulations on ten years! Your wedding doesn't seem like it was that long ago. Although ten years is not as long as it used to be. Nate turned 10 this week. Crazy. I was wondering if you could suggest somewhere that prints good black and whites and will mail them out to people? Meg (Meaghan Salden) Just drop me an email.