Stayin' alive!

I am alive and well! I have been without internet and phone for two weeks! I wish I could say it was because I was on vacation in the Grand Canyon (thanks for the thought Wende).... but no, my phone company just screwed things up bad. I still have no access to my old email account, so my new email address is....drumroll........ erinthompson4@ymail.com

I have so much to catch up on. I don't know if I ever will... but I have been holding on to these puppies for awhile and can't wait to share them on my neglected blog...FINALLY!

And if you would like to see their heartfelt slideshow, click HERE. Give it a minute to load, it is worth the wait.

I drove from Malibu to Oceanside on Labor Day Weekend for this session...what can I say, it was worth it!

These two are twins! The little girl above is a sweetheart, who stole my heart when she put her fingers in her cheeks and stuck her tongue at me... all in good fun of course. And next is her twin brother. Let me just tell you that I could eat his long curly blonde locks if I could... I seriously think I have an appetite/craving for them. PRECIOUS!

This next one is one of my favs! I was off shooting (as in the kind of shooting you do with a camera not a gun) other family members, when I caught these silly-geese off playing.

The men even had a good time at my photo shoot, admit it already!!! Haha...

Oh to be young and free!

Dad found some treasures for the kids...

Oh wait, this next one happens to be my absolute number one favorite from the session, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this mother and son moment! The backlight was so shimmery, I don't know, just my personal fav!

I am really liking black and whites lately!

This hazy sun filled photograph is magical for me.

Photographically I really like this next one. I like the composition and cropping. The protective hands of mother and father tell the story. A new favorite I almost didn't include till I took another look this morning.

This amazing couple has 6 beautiful children whose ages span 20 years. I assume the kids run cirlces around them constantly. I have 4, so I can only imagine! But as you can see, their feet are firmly planted. They are raising a beautiful family.

See what I'm saying about these black and whites?

Seriously not scripted! When dad put his arm around mom, the little man hugged his sister, it was the sweetest thing! We all got a laugh or tear out of that one!

Beautiful children...

Beautiful Family...

An afternoon of beautiful moments captured on the sea shore...

As my kids always say, the sun is going night-night!

The End


  1. Your sunset pictures are my favorite. Beautiful!

  2. these are beautiful! i can't wait to join you next time . . . .

  3. Oh I've been waiting to see these. You got some really beautiful pictures and precious moments. Thanks for sharing!